My name is Josef LeMieux and I teach, Integrated Acting. 

What is Integrated Acting?

Integrated Acting is a work dedicated to helping the artist to discover their own process. Through the use of Transformational coaching, Meisner technique, Chekhov animal imagery and dreamwork, I create a unique method that engages the body, mind and spirit. The work is rigorous, creative and very personal. In this way we uncover any blocks that stand in the way of your true authentic voice. 

This work is for the seasoned professional as well as the beginner.  

I work one on one, In a group setting or via Skype or Zoom.


Josef LeMieux is a phenomenal teacher in every sense. He’s incredibly knowledgeable, personable, approaches things from every possible angle, he relates and connects to his students on a refreshingly human level. While the classes can be tough and push your boundaries to grow both emotionally and in your craft, Joe guides you with encouragement and warmth. He is the best teacher in LA. Hands Down!

Natasha Clark-Actor


Josef leMieux will take you to the next level. He’s extremely knowledgeable, passionate, and creates a safe, and fun environment for you to explore your instrument. He has brought new light to my eyes and created the foundation necessary to live truthfully in the moment. Working with him the past year has given me new perspective on what it means to be an actor and quite honestly changed my life.”

Chase Beers -Actor


Josef LeMieux is a first class coach. His knowledge of the various “methods” and his ability to translate and communicate those methods are only surpassed by the energy, focus and enthusiasm he displays while imparting that wisdom to his students.

Tom Waters-Actor/Director/Producer


"Josef LeMieux is an amazing Coach, Teacher and Artist. He has helped coach me for Interviews, speaking engagements and tv appearances. What you will receive from him is a safe private container for you to heal inside of, a meaningful relationship with him, deep care from his heart, and wisdom from his mind which he will harmonize and artistically use for your own benefit.

- Steve Taus MS, LMFT-Psychotherapist